Bryan makes
things look good.

  • Web Design
  • I built my first website in 1999 and have learned a few new tricks in the years since. I’ve also written my own CMS, which I use for most of my freelance web projects.
  • Infographics and Cartography
  • I create detailed maps and informational graphics for a variety of industries.
  • Product Photography
  • I do the pictures with the tripods and the lightboxes and all that. My tripod has been set up on the streets of Waikiki and on the tops of mountains.

Bryan makes
things work well.

  • Web Development
  • Just as important as a website’s appearance is its functionality. This includes software to manage the site’s content, or solutions that allow your customers to interact directly with your company.
  • Database Development
  • I spent most of a decade building the IT infrastructure of a regional industrial training school. I designed and built a networked database and desktop client, integrated web-based reporting tools.
  • Courseware and Simulations
  • I have developed high-end technical courseware that utilized 3D modeling, cinematic storytelling, equipment simulators, and the need to illustrate basic laws of physics by means of animated and interactive graphics.
  • Build and Install
  • I’ve installed almost everything more than once. From phone and security systems in my youth, to institutional audio and video more recently. Whatever I put in a wall or ceiling looks like it’s supposed to be there.
  • Live Sound
  • I got my start in high school helping a local concert promoter on his larger shows. I was hooked instantly. In the twenty years since I have worked with a wide variety of bands and theater groups.